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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Whew, It's Finally Over

It's my son's birthday today and at the same time our Christmas party.  Good thing our company declared it a half day, so I didn't need to apply for leave to attend my son's special day.  I got to divert my anxiousness (couldn't help think about our dance presentation) in blowing balloons and setting up the area for my son's party.  And before we knew it, everything was set and ready.

Even if I wanted to, I told my son, that I had to attend our Christmas party because daddy has an important part.  I knew he understood when he said okay.  And with all his cousins, friends and the rest of the family... I knew, everything will be fine when I leave.  Hey, sometimes things just happen.

As expected, I came late to the party (not worried though, since I was permitted for a valid reason).  I was just really there because of my part to the presentation of our group.  And as the time came for us to be in the limelight, I just can't figure out how I was able to walk with all the butterflies in my stomach... but guess what, though I may not have moved smoothly as a dancer, I did the routine correctly.  Dancing with modern music in front of an audience is not really my forte.  But I think for now, I get to live another day.  It was such a relief that it was finally over.

The whole group was so happy that we successfully finished the dance, and so with the other groups.  The owners and their family seemed to enjoy all the performances and the active participation of all their employees, that besides the raffle prices, they decided to give everyone an additional cash gift.

I thank the Lord for all the blessings received by my family.  Most of all, for my son's birthday, for occasions like this always reminds me that life is good...  that I'm truly lucky to my family in my life.  And I will forever thank Him for every moment I spend with them.  To Yahweh be the glory always.


  1. It's really fulfilling to make things work even on a busy schedule. Merry Christmas!

  2. Really beautiful to love your family without boundaries at all. The beauty lies on your bounty of fulfillment.

  3. I love going to parties but performing in general nor participating in games is not my thing. I'd rather watch/observe and take photos. But I'm glad you went through with it and had fun!

    Belated happy birthday to your son and Merry Christmas to you and your family! :)

  4. It is wonderful for a family with a responsible father who provides everything for his family. In so doing, you're truly blessed and you're lucky indeed.

  5. Congratulations for your dance and your son's successful party. I have always liked that line " I get to live another day..."

  6. I have many friends whose birthday also falls on the same day. Belated happy birthday to your son! :)