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Monday, December 16, 2013

Santa Joins Temple Run

As the Christmas season is fast approaching, some of our favorite past time phone games also made a timely update.  And yes, Santa is now one of the Temple Run’s players.  Maybe, he’s making it a sideline to have additional budget for the growing population of kid’s around the world (kidding).  You will find a thinner and fit Santa, as he needs to run for his life from the demon guarding the idol.  One needs to have 60 gems in order to unlock Santa Claus... simple as that.
Along with the update, additional set of artifacts can now be found, for the masks and for Christmas.  The masks are to complete an objective and collecting all the Christmas artifacts will unlock Santa’s hat for the other players.  Also a new obstacle was added, the water slide.  It is somewhat played same as that of the tunnel obstacle.  So there’s really no need to upgrade your playing skill.

The new updates bring spice to the game as well as a feel for the holiday season.  Happy playing, everyone, and advance "ho ho ho" Christmas... . Yahweh bless.


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