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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Temple Run's Ring Artifacts

Just a month ago, I updated my fave past time game in my phone... Temple Run.  Included in the update was these ring artifacts that need to be collected in order to accomplish the game's mission.  In the game, finding and getting the artifacts were just the same as that of the power ups.  Just find floating treasure chests that represent them.

There are 10 rings one need to find in order to complete a game's objective.  Me and my daughter just finished finding them all.  She was really happy to see all rings. 

When do they pop out?  There is no pattern as to when the treasure chest (artifact) will appear.  It can show after a few kilometers or it can also be as if infinity.  But one things for sure, in every game, there will always be one.  I'm not sure however if you can get 2 artifacts in a game, we haven't tried it yet.

As to use, for now, basically there was none for these artifacts (aside of course for completing a game objective).  Though, I don't know if there will be any in the future.  Looking forward for more updates to enjoy the game more.  Yahweh bless.


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