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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Gardens Of Eden

In the Bible, the "Garden of Eden" was said to be the place where Adam and Eve (the first people) lived until they disobeyed our Father in heaven.  Today, there were gardens resorts and places named after it, and I was lucky enough to visit two of them here in Davao City.

Eden Nature Park and Resort

A week ago, we had our company summer outing in the place.  With the cool breeze (maybe because of being situated at the feet of Mount Talomo) and wide activity area, it was somehow perfect for huge gatherings, seminars, reunions and alike.  It wasn't my first time there, but I just can never had enough of places especially those surrounded by nature... very appealing and relaxing to the senses.
We had some parlor games just to loosen up and enjoy the company of fellow employees, had our buffet meals, roamed a little bit and had the guided tour around the place... all expense shouldered by our company. That's just how generous our company to it's workforce. No wonder why it's so blessed and loved.

Eden also had amenities and facilities like their cottages (for overnight stay), playground, zip lines, mountain trail (for trekking), fishing village, etc.  I hadn't tried them all due to time constraint (beside the fact that it wasn't included in the freebies, hehehe).  For more info about the place, you can always visit their website.

The Kingdom of Jesus Christ's Covenant Mountain and Prayer Center- Garden of Eden (Restored)

Just this Thursday,  we joined a seminar conducted in the place.  Never been there and heard a lot of good things about it, I was somewhat eager and expecting a lot.  Well, I was not disappointed.

I am a nature lover.  I find plants and trees, especially if nicely landscaped, appealing and soothing to my eyes.  And the place was what I imagined it to be.  There's no really extra-ordinary with the place, but what I admired most was its being clean and well maintained.  From the roads and pathways, to the plants and their arrangement, even to the tiny details as that of the stepping stone edges... very tidy, well trimmed.  Maybe because the members of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy (religious founder of Kingdom of Jesus Christ) give respect to their sacred place and/or they are just that disciplined.

By the way, it's open to the public.  Based on the information we got from our tour guide, if you wanted to visit their place, you can go at their ticketing office (visit their website) or go directly to their place located at Tamayong, Calinan, Davao City and pay there.  They don't accommodate overnights except for members and special guests only.  It's a religious ground, so don't expect to find things as that of a resort.
So, what can one do?  Well, we roamed around the place and enjoyed the scenery (there were just some restricted areas).  We also used a function room in their restaurant for a seminar (though the tour guide told us, they don't cater wedding reception, birthdays and similar occasions). One can also dine inside in their cafe and restaurants (I heard they had corkage on food and drinks brought inside the compound).  And they have a nursery of ornamental plants (just about everything they had in their garden), for sale.

So, which do I recommend?  Both.  There's really nothing much to compare about the places.  Since one is a resort and the other one is a religious place.  It really depends on one's preference.  But if it's a nature trip you want to have, I highly recommend you see both of them.  Yahweh bless.


  1. I've seen Eden Nature Park and I like the place and I even tried the zipline.

  2. I was looking for different gardens here in Eden, but I found none. It is in a name. Or this place is one of the gardens in Eden. I am confused friend...

  3. I would love to be here. I've been living here in Davao since birth but I never had the chance to be there. Thank you for somehow giving me a tour in the area. I hope one of these days, I will be able to go and wander around. Seems like a very peaceful place. :)

  4. wow. the place is fantastic. I hope to visit there soon since my mother is a Davaoenya :)

  5. Wow, those are spectacular settings to learn and connect in. What a great retreat, its also nice having beautiful grounds to explore when you're not in a session.

  6. Wow these places are so beautiful and peaceful. congratulations!!!
    Eager to explore these places and i never thought that there is a place which is named after Adam & Eve; so thanks for sharing this wonderful info :)

  7. Loved the pics. They are beautiful. You are lucky to visit them.