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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dad's Day, Her Day

We had a perfect Sunday with our family.  There was a lot of reason to celebrate, it's father's day and the birthday of the most lovely, caring and loving woman in the whole universe... and I am lucky enough to have her as my wife.  So when we went to church, I thank our Heavenly Father for bringing her to our lives, apart from the many blessings my family received... from our jobs and personal improvements, to the welfare and health of our family,  He has been good to us. 

Then we proceed to the nearby mall to treat the family to a simple meal in celebrating my wife's birthday... and coincidentally, father's day.  We knew that it would be tough to find a decent place to eat considering there was an occasion, but what we were not prepared of is that a famous TV personality had a guest appearance in the mall, making it more crowded.  It was still too early for dinner and wanted to just roam around the mall than to stay to the activity area where the crowd was, but my daughter was a fan of the fella, so I end up joining the crowd and carrying her in my shoulders.

Whew!!! wasn't I'm glad when the show was finally over.  Good thing we made an early reservations to a restaurant just within the mall, that we just waited for the time we set for the food to be served.  Or else we would still be looking for a place to dine or be in the waiting list.  It was a bountiful meal, we just didn't thought it would be that plenty, as we just ordered food good for 10 persons (less than 10 adults and a couple of children).  But hey, whose complaining?  At least everyone had enough, and we still had some to bring home.

We had a pleasant evening with the rest of the clan. I knew my wife did... with that familiar smile in her face, and it's enough for me to see that I made her day.  And to see and hear the laughter of our children... seeing them enjoying the moment with us, was already a fulfillment for me.  I could say, "this is what celebrating Father's Day is all about". 

The June celebrants... our wives.

To my beloved wife, my Enoi... happy, happy birthday.  May our Lord bless you with good health as always.  Looking forward to spend a hundred more with you.

As a dad:  I would carry my children in my shoulders... in my back... in my arms... as long as I can.  So I won't regret someday when I can no longer carry them anymore.  Happy Father's Day to all.  Yahweh bless.


  1. Congratz... you have perfectly made your better-half happy in her special day.

  2. Happy Father's Day Ralph. It's nice you can share the day with your wife as it's her birthday too.

  3. I like your last words...about carrying your children so there will be no regrets. It echoes what every loving parent feels for the children.

  4. An awesome dad and hubby! Keep it up bro! :)

  5. i love those parting words. it really is any parent's goal to not have regrets especially in caring + raising each child. Happy father's day to you + happy birthday to your wife! :)