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Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Lolo's Last Few Days

Ever since my lolo came out of the hospital after his hip operation, he was bedridden.  Though the doctor advised his children that recovery would be possible if they assist or support our grandpa to move, sit and eventually walk, it had been not that easy.  Lolo is already in his 80's.  His bones were already very fragile and we don't know his body's tolerance to pain anymore.  All we heard was when he's being turned (especially to the portion operated), he would hold his breath and as if he would faint.

Although he was being taken care of by his family, he was not frequently turned or moved.  And so, my lolo suffered severe bedsores.  I can't imagine how painful it was to have those since he barely talks already at those times.  But his moans during the times when his wounds were being treated, would suffice as answer to my question.  If only there was something we could do to lessen the pain, but I guess there's nothing more we could possibly do.

In the past few weeks, he no longer had an appetite for any food, he would just have a few sip of milk.  We talked to him about eating and recovery, but no one forced food to him, since we saw how hard he tried.  Our lolo was already very weak, he can't barely move nor speak.  We definitely knew his body was deteriorating fast.  Hospitalization, yes the idea came to us and to his immediate family.  But we heard from his children that lolo didn't want it anymore.  He also wouldn't bear it anymore.  Damned if you do... damned if you don't.

If I would die of old age, I would not also want to be in an ICU room, connected to a life supporting apparatus, receiving all those bitter medicine and along with people I don't personally know.  My lolo, the night before his last day, were surrounded by his family, grandchildren and friends.  Each one insuring and comforting him that everything will be alright.  There was always someone holding his hands and praying for him, asking him to pray with us.

It was passed the hour of three on a Saturday afternoon when we received a call from my brother, requesting my wife to check on lolo.  He was no longer responding when we got there... no more pulse.  Our lolo rested peacefully in the day of our Lord, 18th of this month.  We will surely miss him a lot, but just thinking that he is beside his wife, our lola, right now and with our Heavenly Father, our sorrow lessens and we found it in our hearts to let go.  Rest in peace, our dearest lolo, we love you... Yahweh bless.


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