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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

In Choosing The Right Candidate

As the Philippine general election for congress and municipal/city officials is about to come, this May 13, 2013 to be more exact.  I'm currently having a hard time thinking whom to vote for both national and local positions.  It really isn't easy to look for people who we can entrust our nation to.  I personally don't see a lot of option with those who are running right now.  But still, it's our duty to vote for our country.  And besides not all countries are given the same freedom in choosing for their leaders.  Many people had died and willing to die just so to have such freedom... let's not put it to waste.

Here are some criteria which I made up to serve as basis to pick up my candidates:
  • Those who stand alone.  It's okay to have supporters (legal ones) or to belong to a group or party and help each other, got no problem with them... but for those who uses the popularity of their parents or relatives in their campaign, I'm thinking otherwise.  Some candidates even have posters whose image of their popular family member or relative are much bigger than them, that I find it misleading.  I would choose the candidates because of their first name and not their surname.  Just simply saying, prove your worth first.
  • Based on experience.  Having said "candidates proving their worth", means that they had previously experienced serving as a government official, especially for those running in the key positions such as senators, congressmen, governors and mayors.  Newbies should start first serving the people as vice(s) or in other lower positions in the government and create a reputation for their names first by gaining needed exposure and experience and doing good on their jobs.   Let me put it this way, I wouldn't let someone drive a car with my family inside, if he doesn't know how to drive. 
  • With good reputation.  There were those politicians whose names were tagged with controversies, graft and corruption, immorality, those who previously used illegal means or cheated their way to a seat in the government and even those who haven't done anything during their terms... those who served themselves first and not the people... very unbecoming of a public servant, definitely not voting for them.  There are even candidates that can't or just won't follow simple regulations in campaigning, more doing illegal activities like vote buying, using threat or cheat just to insure they win.  What more will they do if they are already in the position?

  • A person with strong faith and conviction.  They say, vote for those who's already rich for they won't need to steal money anymore.  While some say, choose someone who's from the masses, for he knew and felt how hard it is to have less, and thus will have sympathy to the people.  But history would tell, it doesn't follow.  Many of those who doesn't need money became abusive with their position and power and many of those who have less became rich because of their position and power.  But a person with strong faith will fear to commit sin before our Lord.  There's no amount of riches or power that would destroy his relationship with Him. 
I haven't seen anybody from those who are running in this election passing all the criteria I made, might be too good to be true, especially to what is politics as of today.  But if there are those having even one of the above mentioned traits, without a doubt, I'm voting for them.  Our nation is yet to find leaders with  convictions to do what is right for the greater good, those who do not tolerate dirty politics and not afraid to confront and influence those who do otherwise.

I fervently hope that all Filipinos would vote wisely now, that we won't choose to give our votes in exchange for some money or personal advantage.  Let us think, not of ourselves, but that of others and our future generation.  It might be a wishful thinking and too good to be true, that's why I'm praying that He guides us all, that we may choose and elect the right people to lead our government.  Yahweh bless. 


  1. This post is very timely- We should vote wisely not for what we can get now but for our future.

  2. I agree with your idea on choosing the right candidate especially if he/she is deserving to win the elections in terms of experience, conviction, faith, and platform for progress of our country.

  3. I am thankful that there are still people like you who have real concern in choosing the right candidate in the election. The last criteria that you've mentioned are in my thoughts too -A person with strong faith and conviction. "A person with strong faith will fear to commit sin before our Lord". I am ready for tomorrow's election.

  4. This is kind of question is very subjective. What is right candidate and what is not. To size it up practically only few could be considered as right candidate, meaning their intention to run for public office is for the people and not for themselves.

  5. If only every voter in the country will use these guidelines in choosing the right persons for the positions... the government will indeed reign according to the people's voice and not the power of money or influence.

  6. I'd go more on track record and how they position themselves on issues of national interest.

  7. there is another category.. a leader must not always party. it is written in Ecclesiastes 10: 16-17.