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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Not For The Single Blessedness

When my family went to church last Sunday, in the entrance I noticed this poster of the Redemptorist congregation inviting people to join them.  In the poster was a life-size image of a priest's body and one can actually stand at it's back and place his head in the face portion (just like in some theme parks or photo booth).  Curious of what I would look like, I said to my self that I'm going to take photos with it.

We were too early for church that day (about 3 hours before the first afternoon mass), so in silence we said our very own prayers.  It was good though, since there were very few people which made it very conducive for having a personal conversation with the Lord.  We were not able to wait for the mass, so we left the church after we finished praying.

But before we could leave, I took the opportunity to ask my wife a favor to take a pic of me with the poster.  I handed to her my cellphone and positioned myself at the back of the poster.  When she showed me my pic, and I told her that I looked great being a priest (jokingly praising myself).  She did not comment at first and just smiled with a familiar grin on her face.  So I asked her directly, why not?  She just answered me, that aside from the obvious reason that you're married, you definitely can not be a priest nor a brother... and showing me that grin again... Owww!!!  Don't get me wrong, but I just love it when she does that.  LOL.

Well, honestly, it never came to me entering priesthood even in my younger years.  But you see, even the disciples of Jesus, were not also prepared when they were called to be with Him.  So no one really knows what our Heavenly Father prepared for each one of us.  There will always be those chosen to live the life of single blessedness, more being a priest or a brother... even if it is not in their wildest dream of becoming one, they'll just find out they're already embracing their calling with all their heart.  For me, my calling would be, to be a good and responsible father and husband, and I'm happy with it.  Yahweh bless.



  1. You look convincing as a priest. At first glance, I thought you were in an actual priest clothes.

  2. wow.. that is just something deep. we just really don't know what is our calling :)

  3. Good try... your curiosity has been proven on what you feel in posing for the picture as a Redemptorist priest. Serving the Lord is not what you wear, is not what you look, but it is what inside your heart that really matters.

  4. It's really a matter of choice and what your heart desires and God will understand it all.

  5. I have two Redemptorist priests in the family! It may never be too late to join, huh? ;)

  6. Well, i once wanted to be a priest when i was 8. But my mum wouldn't want me to even if an old superstition says that the family will be blessed with so much happiness and fortune if one of the family member becomes a priest. :)