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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Friends You Can Depend On

I really thank the Lord for giving us friends.  My buddy, with his family, let us stay in their condo unit in Mandaluyong City.  It was really a very big help since lodging costs a lot in the metro.  We were able to use the savings instead for our other important expenditures.

The couple, Stoi and Berna, had been really good to us.  Not only did they welcome us to their home, they also accompanied us around Metro Manila. Considering that Berna was 7 months pregnant, It was so sweet of her to be so accommodating and hospitable, to the extent of showing us the route, the hows and wheres of MRT/LRT from our place to our destination.  It became easier for us to go places with them being our guides. And my buddy Stoi, who had to delay working on his project just to be with us during our visits to the malls there.

Our trip to Manila  was overall a fun experience , though there were really hectic days (which i wouldn't want to go through!).  We enjoyed the rides and fireworks in Mall of Asia (MOA), first time to attend mass inside a mall, kids being amazed by cosplayers or those impersonating anime (cartoon) characters and most of all, my kids fave, hours in the clubhouse's swimming pool.

We were also thankful that they were the ones who took care of preparing for the birthday of our daughter.  Since my wife and I accompanied our son to get his medical result and had his needed vaccines.  We won't be able to push through with the celebration if not for Stoi and Bern.  They made it possible for our daughter to have a simple yet memorable celebration.With all these, we couldn't thank you enough guys...we really appreciate what you did for us. I hope we could return the favor someday..

Another person to thank was my cousin, Franz, for making our trip to Cavite hassle free.  Though we can handle the 3 kids, the trip could had been much longer and difficult for us.  Even if it would mean waking up very early just to cover a 3 hour drive back to Manila, he arranged everything just to give us a free and much comfortable travel... we really appreciate it, bro.  It was our grandma's birthday and more, we wanted her to see our youngest... that's how much we value our family ties.

We returned to Manila in the break of dawn.  Very early yet convenient.  When we reached Stoi and Bern's place, we rested for a while then we had to bid our farewells.  We arrived safely home but the goodness of friends will forever remain in our hearts.  Yahweh bless.



  1. true friend are always their - for good or bad. Namiss ko tuloy old time buddies ko tagal na walang get together

  2. true friends are a treasure glad that you have a true friend you can depend on.

  3. It's goof you have friends who accommodated you on your stay in Manila. Those type of friends are rare and I'm sure they'll also visit you too.

  4. aw.. being accommodating for filipinos are always in our blood. i can say you had enjoyed staying here! :)

  5. Friends are there "for good times or bad times" But believe me or not friends are "best enemies" too. Mark my words! Sooner or latter. Anyway I admire your friends. They're indeed your friends. Nurture them.

  6. Friends in need are friends indeed! What are friends for... they're in bad times and in good times.

  7. Real friends are hard to find and they are very rare! :)

  8. True friends are really rare, especially those who would do everything they can to help you. Whether it be in times of needs or in simple ways like opening their homes.

  9. friends are really angels in disguise + it will do us good to have a number of them whom we know we can always depend + rely on, especially in times when we need them the most!

    cheers to good friends! :)