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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Getting Through The Day Of Hearts

It's amazing how during Valentine's day, people just buy gifts of endearment for the people nearest to their hearts without thinking so much of the price.  Chocolates' and flowers' prices during this day is doubled if not tripled.  I guess cupid blinds our financial reasoning as well.  All smiles to flower shops and chocolate businesses and goodbyes to your cash on hand.

For a pre-Valentine's treat, we watched a movie (The Vow) together.  It's a love story about how an accident changed the lives of the lead characters.  If you're up to a feel good romantic movie, it's a must see.  Then, we went to our favorite spa and had a one and a half hour  full body massage.  I just didn't enjoy it much since I fell asleep.  When the masseuse asked me to sit down for the finishing touches and told me she's done, I felt cheated.  Ending so soon, when I was just beginning to enjoy it... LOL.

Today, I'd been in the office and decided to buy some presents for my wife.  Though she made it clear not to buy her flowers, still I bought her some, Valentine's day seems incomplete without it.  Also bought her a box of Belgian chocolates of a brand we haven't tried before.  Just assuming that she'll share some to me... hahaha.   Then, I tried looking for a card to complete the package, but never thought I wouldn't find one.  The bookshop told me that they were no longer selling those.  Are greeting cards thing of the past now?  It shouldn't be, though a lot may think it's more economical to text or email messages, still nothing would compare to the personal touch of a written card.  So, I had to settle without it.

As the night progressed, we decided to eat in a nearby restaurant with the family.  We tried their combo specials and had ourselves a simple but awesome dinner.  Also, they had a nearby playground which made the kids enjoy while eating at the same time.  When we got home, the kids were almost begging to go to bed.  So I had my wife for myself and she gave me a goodnight kiss... or was it just that... you have imaginary and creative minds... use it... hahaha.  All I can say is that I was still enjoying the day, and the night was still young.  Love night, everyone.  Yahweh bless.


  1. I went to my favorite nail spa on vday.haha. :)

  2. wow ang sweet nanm ni sir.. wish i could find someone na gagawa ng effort na u just did to ur wife... hmmmppp you're both lucky to each other... flowers, chocolates and cards are still the best for valentines just like a gift every Christmas...

  3. Hubby and I just had a small dinner at home. I got tired of looking for restaurants nearby. So I made some dinner and enjoyed the coziness at home.


  4. The Vow! a great movie for Valentine's :)

  5. Many are abuzz about The Vow. I want to watch the movie to see.