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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Long Agonizing Wait Is Finally Over

Ever since my practical for my driving test was rescheduled, the days were somewhat uneasy for me.  I was actually asking myself why.  Did I need to learn more?  Would I have done something wrong if it pushed through?  No matter what the reason was... I knew it's for the best.  But it also meant that I had to endure 2 more weeks of anticipation and it was  such a torture.  I knew, I've been driving here for 3 months already, but the thought of someone (especially of different nationality) watching (rating) me while I drive... almost gave me a heart attack(lol).

When the day of the test finally arrived, I just couldn't understand what I felt.  I was glad that the wait was over yet the uncertainty kept me trembling inside out.  Good thing my family was with me that time, they became the source of my confidence.  I made it clear in my mind that I needed that license for my family's sake.  I just didn't know how many times I prayed to Him while waiting for the one who's  going to rate my driving.  And what I asked our Lord was to calm me so I could do what I had to do to pass the test.

And after months of hard work (yes, I practiced a lot just to prepare for it) and with the Lord providing me wonderful friends to help me, everything paid off. I cannot describe how sweet and fulfilling it was to hear the words: "You did well... you passed the test." from your a foreign land.  I knew the test only took more or less 15 minutes, and it assessed if i knew the basics of driving... but it's also the very thing that made it hard.  One have less room for error and indeed. Everybody knows the basic of driving (one should) but many don't practice them at all, so when they take the exam, they miss to do it and fail.

I'm glad I have brothers (Ryan, Joey and Nong Titoy) and uncle (Kel Matt) who taught me how to drive... found friends (Larry, Kuya Ver, Buddy and Toto) here that shared with me some tips in driving that helped me in passing the exam... and a very supporting family, the source of my strength... truly I'm blessed.  With this new milestone, I will also use it to be of help to others (as part of me paying it forward).  Thank you Lord for everything.  Yahweh bless.


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