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Sunday, September 15, 2013

PVZ 2 It's About Time

It was through my son that I knew about it when he asked to add the game to my phone.  I was hesitant at first, since having games in your phone would make it susceptible to frequent use of kids (and me... hehehe) thus, making your phone's life shorter.  But, I do admit I was also curious about the new "Plants Vs. Zombie" (having played the older version) that I still downloaded the free game to my phone (risk taken).

So what's new?  It actually has the same concept with the previous version, that's to eliminate zombies attacking your lawn using the available plants.  But the developers wouldn't want to disappoint all the people who have long waited for this update. And here are some of them:

  • New locations.  Now, battle zone isn't no longer within the lawn of the house nor  it's roof.  It's far far away back in time, not only one... but three, Ancient Egypt, Pirate Seas and Wild West.

  • New plants and zombies.  Plants that emit fire, boomerang and electricity; beans that are deadly to zombies once eaten and those who bounces zombies to water; pea pods that emits 5 peas at a time; coconut cannons; and plants that punches enemies ahead or behind them.

    And the zombies... that steals sun, carry bricks, torch plants, create tombstones, those carried by seagulls, rolls barrel, shot by cannons, carries parrot that take away your plants, jumps over your defenses using dynamite, with rolling pianos, with hidden armor plate, rides a bull, and carries a lot of zombie chicken...

  •  New mini games.  There are games where you need to protect endangered plants; eliminate flying zombies using cannons; and surviving an enemy attack with given plants.

  • New added special powers.  Now, with the use of the coins you collected as play the games, you can now buy these special powers that can eliminate zombies with the use of your fingertip.  Pinch, toss or electrocute them to their doom... hehehe.

    There is also what they call as plant food (represented by a leaf).  It gives a plant temporary ability to make special moves.  It is from defeated glowing zombies, emitted by power lily, or you can simply by it using your collected coins.

There you go, I hope the info help.  Download it free in your phone's App Store, and just enjoy the game.  Yahweh bless.


  1. I heard about the new PVZ but never tried playing it nor DLs it. Might awa well try it for myself. Thanks to your son! Haha

  2. I am of the avid player of PVZ before. Even then, in my spare time, I am still playing the old version of this game. I am interested with this PVZ2. Where can I download the free version of this game to my laptop?

  3. I have also started playing PVZ 2 and I wanted to complete the game immediately. This version is so addicting! :)

  4. I've done all three levels though I still have some stars to earn in Plants Vs Zombie 2.

  5. Oh no. Now you've convinced me to download this too. Hahaha. I've been trying to stop myself because like you said so yourself, this will lead to phone overuse. Hahaha

  6. It has a better interface now but the challenges are quite difficult lol! Have fun!

  7. Waaah I suddenly miss playing Plants Versus Zombies after reading your post!

  8. it's sad that it's not yet available on android.

  9. Yes! It's about time to play this awesome game!