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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Scents Through The Years

Here are some of my all time favorite scents that I have tried and still willing to use (as the budget permits).  I'm personally okay without any colognes or perfumes, there were even days where I don't put any especially if I don't have a choice or simply because I forgot to.   As long as I don't smell anything at all, I'm good.

So why do buy colognes or perfumes?  I don't really care about those things before, since, at the first place, I don't have enough to buy those stuffs.  Well, not until high school.  Peers really had a big influence on your preferences and needs.  It may not be a necessity but smelling good felt a lot better and it forms part of ones hygiene... which adds up to ones confidence. 

Well, with this, let me just share with you some of my favorite scents and a bit of my story behind each...

Atlantis by Bench.  The brand is local here in the Philippines.  Might be one of the famous scents I knew especially during my high school until college days.  Even had the impression that during those days, each and every Filipino might had used it one way or another.  Even as of today, there are still those using it.  How do I know?  I can't be wrong with that distinct and very familiar smell I once wear... hehehe.

Aspen. Even in my younger years, I love the smell of Aspen's fragrance.  A former girlfriend used the cologne but its their women's version.   Maybe I somehow opened up in one of our conversations that I liked the men's version of it that I received it as a gift during our anniversary... lucky me.  So where is she now?  I guess she's at home with our children by now. 

Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren.  This might be one of the famous fragrance in the world (just a guess).  Commonly imitated, so it kind of proves its popularity.  But still nothing beats the original.  Want to play safe in choosing a cologne, you'll never get wrong with this one.  In fact, I already asked a cousin abroad to buy me one if its a lot cheaper there.

Ferrari Black was another gift from my wife.  I'm starting to think that I don't have a sense of smell when it comes to fragrances (LOL).  No, I just trust my wife's taste that much.  And with this scent, how can I doubt her?

Style In Play by Lacoste.  My wife and I were planning to give each other a Christmas present.  While in the mall, we part ways to look for the perfect gift.  And it came to me, how about a cologne?  From the wide array of choices, I went for something unisex (so I could also use it, hehehe).  I was glad she liked it... how did I knew?...

... because we almost chose the same scent.  Good thing she gave me the Cool Play (also by Lacoste).  We never knew it until we opened our gifts.  We can't help ourselves but laugh that day.  Coincidence?  What if I tell you that once, we bought similar anniversary cards from different stores...

Challenge by Lacoste.  Haven't got over the brand yet, when their new scent was out in the market, I immediately got interested.  I searched the net and found a local vendor selling it in a much cheaper price (but still isn't cheap...), and of course got a consent from my wife (it's luxury).  Also, it's been a while since I had a cologne.

Team Force by Adidas.  My father-in-law gave this to me since he was no longer using it.  I was glad since back then we were attending an affair and I was not able to bring something to use.  Speaking of a perfect timing...

And last but not the least... The Essence by David Beckham.  It was the gift I received from my wife last Christmas.  I like the smell of this cologne since it isn't that strong.  Oh well, every scent that my wife chose was perfect for my taste..  she knew me that much.

Come to think of it, almost all of my colognes was given by my wife.  But I think it's the way that should be, right?  I mean, I'm wearing one to smell pleasant for my wife and not to impress anybody else.  And I'm not saying this just to receive another one from her... no kidding.

So, for those who were not yet blessed by a wife such as mine (hehehe), you can try these scents, highly recommend them.  Yahweh bless.           


  1. ang klasik lang ng atlantis... kung tama ang pagkakatanda ko ito ata ang unang binili kung pabango sa bench dahil sa bango nitong taglay..
    Tama ka diyan kahit di mo na ito ginagamit pero once na may dumaan sau at naamoy mo ito siguro kang atlantis yun...

    yung iba dito isa lang ata ang nagamit ko at regalo pa sa akin ng kaibigan ko...

  2. Aspen is the name. My fave too. My wife gifted me a Polo Sport, medyo di ko lang type ang scent.

  3. I am not so good at choosing scents because of my allergies... I easily sneeze when I smell something too strong. Hubby loves perfumes for gifts , so I gave him Dior Fahrenheit last Christmas. Glad he liked it.. the scent is just mild and I love that scent on him.

  4. I have not tried smelling these body sprays and scents because my nose is very sensitive to different types of strong smells. I tend to sneeze when I'm near people who wear perfumes. Hihi.

  5. I've used Aspen, Lacoste, Lacoste Sports and Ferrari though the blue variant.

  6. I'm glad my husband is not into perfumes, I don't have to gift him any hahahaha. :P

  7. I do love perfume. My wife is always buying of what is best scent for me. i forgot the Italian scent which I considered as the best perfume I ever smell.

  8. I think Atlantis by Bench is very popular here in the Philippines especially during my college days. Among the list Ferrari black and Aspen are the scents that I have not encountered.

  9. My husband wear Lacoste, Polo and Cool Water perfume alternately. I actually love all the scents.

  10. You are a Lacoste fan! It's the only brand here that has three variants..

  11. I also have the 3 Lacoste perfumes and Ferarri. I love to collect cologne and perfumes, I dont have on my collection yet the Aspen brand. will try to get one soon.