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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Firsthand Ping Pong 101

I'm not really that interested with the game of ping pong also known as table tennis, but I occasionally play the game whenever there is a table and rackets... and someone pays for the rent.  Then why did I find myself joining the it's club in our company.  Well, besides being influenced by a former classmate (now, my co-employee), I just wanted to find out what's with the game and more, I'm in need to find myself a constant good workout... It's been a while since my last run or jog, thinking its the perfect alternative.

I haven't started the training session, they were already on the "show us what you got" part when I jumped in.  So, each one played and were corrected on what each was doing wrong.  Here were some of the things the trainers taught us to properly play the game:

As to holding the ping pong racket.
- Hold the racket or paddle up to it's neck.  The reason for this is for the player to have a firmer grip and better control of the racket.  One of the coach told me, the racket should be as if the palm of your hand, so position it in such a way that will closest resemble you palm.
- Your point finger down.  I use a "handshake grip" when playing (never knew there was a name for that, until now).  A player-coach corrected my hold.  He told me to lower down my finger, as for it, not to obstruct the surface of the racket when I'm using the backhand.

As to serving the ball.
- Serve with an open palm.  Service should start with the ball resting in a flat and open palm of the player's free hand.  Therefore, not held, not cupped by the palm, and not even resting in the fingers.  This is done so that no spin can be added to the ball upon tossing it in the air during the serve.
- You should toss the ball when serving.  One must throw the ball up at least 6 inches from the palm of the player's hand (16 cm. based on the web).
My "not fully paid" racket.

As to hitting the ball.  Hit the ball in a way that it'll spin.  Don't simply push or hit the ball flat on, whether in serving or retuning, at least give it a spin.  Topspin which causes the ball to spin forward, chopping for reverse or backspin, and side spins.  Added spins makes it tougher for your opponent to counter or return the ball.

With all these changes, it felt awkward for me applying each one of them.  But our coach told us, that it's better to learn the proper way now while we were still beginners.  He told us we will eventually get used to it.  And I totally agree with him.  Though, it's really difficult but we must learn what is proper.  I somewhat see improvements in my game (not good as that compared to a varsity player but not bad as a beginner of the game).  I'm also starting to like the game, that I'm even influenced (then convinced) to buy my own pricey racket (just glad it's in installment basis).  Those whose been with the game for quite sometime told me that I need a good racket so I get a better feel of the game... LOL.  Though, I may say that it has difference from cheaper ones (rubber friction, weight, balance, ball bounce, etc.), still you need skill to win a game.  So practice... practice... practice.  And make use of my racket so it may serve its worth.  Good luck to me... hehehe. Yahweh bless.


  1. I've been a fan of this game and I managed to learn it, though I did not become the athletic type with it. I just know a few trick and that's it.

  2. i remembered the last time i played, it was really tiring but fun!

  3. I also played Ping Pong but I'm not as good in it though I did enjoy playing it.

  4. i've been playing this here in our condo! specially nice when its raining and we cant use the tennis court. a fun enjoyable game with kiddos too!

  5. I play this too when I was in high school but not really good at it. I win sometimes but they are luck I think :D

  6. I used to play this but decided not to pursue and be serious with it for I felt that it's not for me. Good Luck.

  7. I really want to learn how to play pingpong, but I can't make the ball bounce on the table. :) Thanks for sharing this one ;)

  8. good luck to you!! I remember playing that a year ago in our PE 3 class.. it's actually hard at first but when you are able to play it, it's really fun! :)

  9. Una wala talaga akong interest maglaro ng ping pong kasi nga ang hirap hirap niya pero nung tinuruan ako ng classmate ko ng proper way to play it, ayun nag eenjoy na ako hehe.

  10. I took ping pong in PE class back in college and never learned from it. We even had a ping pong table in the house but still never got interested.