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Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Preventable Shooting Tragedy

Almost real life graphics on computer games, videos, and movies of killings or slaughtering people using various weapons, cutting the heads off of a zombie or vampire, or people being tortured and cut into pieces by a psycho or monster, showing every single details clearly to viewers all state of the art technology of fictional violence.  Gone were the days of pixelation or blurring and hiding of gruesome scenes and images.  Cool?  Exactly...

The infamous Connecticut shooting tragedy that claimed many innocent lives.
We knew that it far improved the quality of films and television series proved by the increased number of viewers worldwide.  And all might be earning millions in cold cash.  Though it was recognizable how our video graphics improved throughout the years, but these visual effects might be giving our young ones the wrong notion of associating cruel acts to coolness.  What’s worse, it’s giving them ideas on how to commit crimes, though fictional, still it indirectly teaches them everything about it.  Money and fame or our social responsibility?  Well, whatever we choose, we face the consequences of our actions.

Those who were at fault might be sentenced and face justice, but we can never be sure that there are still people around having same deranged motives and way of thinking.  No one had predicted nor even thought that a person could take such innocent lives simply because we can’t read minds and we can’t see intentions.  So we just don’t have a choice but to react when a tragedy happens.

The acts of children is the result of how their parents or guardians raised them.  True enough, it is the responsibility of the parents to guide their children, spend time with them, being there to answer their questions, and if possible, looking at the things they do to be able to guide them.  But that isn't always the case, there are always those unattended ones, and parents can't always be with them 24/7.  And of course, other factors such as too much freedom, being liberated, to loose in possessing guns and deadly weapons and internet access to violence and adult sites to name a few.  We adults made it all possible for them.  All our actions, do have consequences.  But then again, life gives us chances to correct things.  It's just waiting for us to make a move.

Again, we must all take responsibility for what happens around us because we didn’t do anything to prevent it, we just allow it to happen.  No matter how we ostracize ourselves from everyone, we can’t change the fact that we are part of it.  My point is, everything is a product of the decisions we make in our lives, whether we choose to stay quiet or do something.  No matter how small a voice is, if a good idea is shared, it can make a significant change.  We can definitely prevent violence from happening and help save innocent lives, if only we choose what is right and good for the majority.  May the Lord guide us all.  Yahweh bless.


  1. Tragedy. Terror. Confusion. Loss. These along with many other words come to mind when thinking about the Chardon High School shooting, ...

  2. I would like to have the power to prevent tragedies such as these.

  3. i feel sorry for what had happened. i just hope and pray that it will never happen again. God bless as old.

  4. Not entirely true (regarding games though)... I've been playing video games since pong and I've never had the tendency to kill anyone in-real life... what happened was a real tragedy but I don't think games had nothing to do with it... I even like playing as a Criminal in APB: Reloaded but you won't see me mugging people for money in real life...

  5. Exactly! Though technology has improved our way of living, it does pull us away from the most important things in life like family and time.

  6. Indirectly, media does affect how we think. Sometimes this sadly leads to violence and other forms of aggression.

  7. I would like to sympathy to all the victims of the tragedy, this tragic experience became a hot issue and have many opinions from a different people. Hope that never happen again!