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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Holiday For 2012 Chinese New Year

It's official, January 23, 2012 is declared  a special nonworking holiday under the Malacañang Palace proclamation 295.  A good entry for the year of the Black Water Dragon.  Honestly, I haven't known it since yesterday when an office mate told me that our meeting was moved to Tuesday.  Maybe I was not just expecting it since it wasn't a holiday in the past years.  Now, we will be celebrating another new year for 2012, this time based on the calendar used by our Filipino Chinese brethren.  More, it falls on a Monday giving us a longer weekend... Yes!!!

Water Dragon by Conejo Blanco
Just a short information why it is called a Black Water Dragon year.  In a Chinese five element astrology calendar (fire, earth, metal, water and wood),  2012 is the year of the water dragon.  And for them, water is related to the color black.  And just for the trivia, the other elements corresponding colors are the following: fire-red, earth/soil-brown, metal-white/golden, and wood-green.

The Chinese astronomers believed that this year will have a lot of  unexpected things happening as that of the characteristics of a dragon to be unpredictable and untouchable.  So, they say that you might be lucky or you may not depending on the type of element you belonged to and what your lucky element is from the astrology birth chart for this year.  There's nothing wrong in believing to things that could serve as guide to your life, but we must not fully rely on these since  no one really sees what the future holds for us.  We make our own destiny and everything that happens to our life is due to the decisions we choose. The future is in the hands of our Heavenly Father. It is a part of His great plan for each of us even before we were born.  We must have faith in Him that in everything that happens in our lives , there is a reason behind and He does not abandon us even for a second. 

To our Chinese brothers and sisters, we celebrate with you in this special occasion, Kiong Hee Huat Tsai!!! Yahweh bless.


  1. Maybe you should check the news for the long weekends this 2012. :)

  2. thanks p-noy for another holiday ahehehhe... kiong hee huat tsai everyone!!!!

  3. finally a holiday! We worked on the 24th because it was not declared a holiday... ;( tomorrow I'm spending my holiday finally learning how to drive.. hehe. It took me this long!! well goodluck to me! ;))

  4. An advanced Gong Xi Fa Cai sir Ralph! :)

  5. Holiday or not, I still need to report for work. Oh well, no reasons to complain though. :)

  6. Good timing for the Chinese New year holiday, starting Monday. But somehow, I don't depend my fate in this. Being industrious is the secret of wealth.

    Be blessed,

  7. Happy Chinese New year! Good health and happiness are my wishes for you and your family.

  8. nice . Happy Chinese New Year !!
    [ belated ]

  9. thanks to our Chinese brothers and sisters, Filipinos will celebrate 2 new years each year! Yehey!

  10. I agree on what you've said, there is nothing wrong if we believe but we have to keep into our minds that still our life depends on how we dig it and how strong our faith is.

    Nice post!

    Wish u more luck this year!

  11. A long-weekend indeed but I was still obliged to go to work. . .
    Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone :) Have a blessed year. BLACK Water Dragon pala. . I thought it was green kagaya nung sa Shangri-La Mall. Now I know.